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Tips regarding protein shakes for adrenal fatigue

Soy, whey and other protein shakes and bars have become quite common for athletes, bodybuilders and dieters alike, for such roles as to accelerate muscle development and assist in recovery of muscle degeneration .  Existing as “food on the go” these products can be part of our active lifestyle.  But...

...before running to your nearest health food store to buy the latest bar or drink mixture, some background info may be helpful to you.

It is universally recognized that meat, milk and cheese tend to be of a higher protein quality than plant proteins.  Many plant proteins are deficient in one of the essential amino acids our bodies need but cannot develop. 

But with the suitable combination of foods - meaning one food can compensate for the other food lacking in a particular protein - a vegetarian can get through this issue. 

protein shakes for adrenal fatigueIn fact, soya is a high quality protein on its own which can be considered as good a protein as can be derived from meat products.  It offers us a complete protein profile.

Some of the more common sources of soy protein include:
  • Soymilk, a beverage with a “milk-like” texture
  • Soy flour, which can be used as an egg substitute
  • Tofu, which can be mixed in with other foods or used on its own
Whey is the by-product of cheese manufactured from cow's milk.  It also symbolizes an excellent protein source, because it includes both essential and non-essential amino acids. 

A lot of doctors indicate to pregnant mothers to use whey as a food supplement to help their unborn child(s) obtain sufficient levels of amino acids required for beneficial development while in the womb.

Whey products are also normally used by athletes and bodybuilders to speed muscle development and aid in recovery of muscle degeneration.

Virtually all health food stores sell whey products which can be fused with milk or water to form a dietary shake or drink.

The soy vs. whey debate - which product is perfect for you?  Here’s a speedy comparison:

  • Can replace flour in cooking
  • Very high in most required amino acids our body requires
  • Can be a replacement product for people who are lactose intolerant
  • Can be used in a wide variety of foods, such as burgers, franks and even cheese
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Mixes well with water or milk
  • Easy to flavor
How much protein do I need?

How much protein an individual needs to consume on a daily or weekly basis depends greatly on a person’s overall fitness level and activity, energy intake, your age and your general state of health.  For example, during childhood, increased protein is demanded for growth and development.  Increased protein may also be beneficial to overcome an illness or a traumatic effect on the body such as after an operation.

Conferring witherring with a physician is a good idea when determining the correct amount of protein you need in your particular circumstance.

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